Monday, August 10, 2015

First Day -- Apt. 777

The day started with disappointment, and a huge headache. I couldn't believe it. I've been on the waitlist for this apartment for 2 years. They didn't even let me in this hole until I signed the lease. And now, it's perfectly clear to me. It's a scam. I sat down on an overstuffed brown box. I look at the dismal peeling walls and stained carpet. Thats when my head started throbbing. I need some aspirin. I got up and started sorting through all my unpacked junk. Where's my cabinet stuff? I realize that the idiot moving men must have taken it up to the 13th floor. I mean, who takes a box reading bathroom cabinet to a construction site? Ugh. I Decide to go to El Cheapos. Maybe they've got some there. I think it's the only convenience store around. Screw this town.  The only good aspect is that it's close to my job. Which isn't really that great because the only part of my day I enjoy is the commute.

I arrive at El Cheapos with little hope. I open the door to really loud bells, and an exited,
"Hello!" the store manager has a huge grin.
"Hi.." I quietly reply, trying to show him that loudness was really unwanted right then. I really need some aspirin. I cannot express the pure joy I feel when I finally sighted that small white bottle.  Oh thank god! I grab a bottle of water and make my way to the cashier. I turn around and grab two liters of water. Who knows if I'll have drinking water tonight.

On the way home, I get stuck behind a long line at the red light. I notice that the window in one of these storefronts has no reflection. That's odd. I keep staring at the window when I'm woken from my trance by a loud honk. Thats when it dawned on me, there was no glass there. What kind of store does't have windows? One that has recently been robbed I guess. I head to my 'home' where my evening will consist of microwaved dinners, ice cream, and a subpar slumber on an deflated inflatable mattress.